Finding happy.

I have found a love and passion this past year for writing that I did not know existed. I had always wanted to try but lacked the courage and motivation. I began writing – or rather journaling – in 2019. My hardest, most challenging year so far. Writing was my meditation. My release. A way to get my thoughts out of my head so that I could try to make some sense of what was going on around me. It helped immensely.

Then I started to share my ‘ramblings’. I thought maybe if they helped me so much, they would help others. The response was heart warming. It made me want to share more. My thoughts. My failures. My successes. My sad and my happy.

Please allow me (like you have a choice) to share an excerpt taken from one of my favorite books, “This is Happy” by Camilla Gibb…

“I have a job to do as a storyteller: we all do. To tell stories that make us knowable to others, most importantly our children. To give them the tools to help them know themselves. And perhaps we come to know ourselves differently as a consequence.

This is the circle that could never quite be complete. One where we are truly bound for better or worse, in all sorts of complex and beautiful ways, where we become ourselves in relation to each other and carry something of the other—visceral, embodied—within us. It is a story with a different ending. A story without an ending at all.

And this, I know, is happy.”

Sharing my story and writing this blog has brought me so much more that I ever expected. Ever dared to dream. Come to think of it… it may have taught me exactly that… to dare to dream. To have dreams that I didn’t think I had the right to have. Goals that I thought were way beyond my reach. None of that is true. We all have the right to dream. To reach.

Today, January 1st, 2021, I would like to thank the people that have been by my side during this journey. My cheerleaders. My family. My friends. You are my biggest and brightest supporters. My warriors. Without you I would not have published this site a year ago today. Without you I would not have accomplished all the crazy, adventurous and courageous things that have filled my 2020 calendar. And without you I will not live all the dreams that will fill my next year and the years to come. Of this I am most sure.

I can’t wait to continue to share my story. To become knowable to you and those you are kind enough to share it with. In hopes that you become more knowable to yourself. That you travel your path with pride and confidence and hope. That you find and live, happy.

And through this and with this, I too am finding and living, happy.

Happy new year everyone. With love.


3 thoughts on “Finding happy.

  1. Happy New Year Shelley! The quote from “This is Happy” really resonated with me. I hadn’t thought deeply about how being knowable helps our children…thank you for all your sharing :).

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