You don’t have to wear pants.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I hope this finds you all in good spirits. If it doesn’t… I get it. I really do.

This holiday season is definitely a different one. Marking the end of a very different year. A year where the world just simply seemed to find chaos around every corner. The news channels had no shortage of negative and dramatic stories to share giving us multiple reasons to panic. To fear. To grieve.

I myself actually had a pretty good year. And it wasn’t because business was booming. Or I won the lottery. Or my prince charming rode in on a white horse to save the day.

I had a good year because I stayed current on only enough news to keep me informed. I found ways to be with my friends and family. I made positive choices in my career. I had a good year because I chose to have a good year. I chose to focus on what is and not what could or should be.

Was it perfect? Bahahahahahahahahahahaha. Nope. (insert your favorite expletives’ on your own… I am trying to keep this clean.)

May it be noted that everyone in my circle is healthy and well. My heart goes out to anyone that has not had that fortune this year and has had to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Here are some other things that happened to me this year… I learned how to use zoom. I signed up for some courses that I have been putting off. I talked more on the phone with my family. I spent more time outdoors. I started running. I found the motivation to work out everyday at home. I discovered once again, that I am a strong and resilient human.

And… most of those things did not require me to wear pants!

So as we enter into this holiday season and prepare to say good bye to yet another year, remember. This year was temporary. As was last year and as is next year. Enjoy each day however you can. Find joy in simple and small things. Embrace the zoom and facetime calls. Embrace the slower pace that may be your holiday. Embrace your health and home. Practice gratitude.

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Jeri Smith-Ready

You can get through this even if you can’t be with your children or your parents. You can get through this and you will.

With or without pants.


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