The laws of division.

The Law of Division observes that over time, a category tends to divide and become two or more categories.

How much time does that division take?

It seems to be that two years is sufficient in some cases. A category, let’s say humans, tending to divide into two or more categories, let’s say the anti and the pro. Oh… and the ‘I’m sick of talking about it’ (my category, by the way).

Yet here I am. I have done a pretty good job of refraining from using this blog as a platform to voice any opinions on the current pandemic situation. But. I am not really breaking my ‘no comment on the pandemic’ rule as I am not actually commenting on the pandemic.

I don’t think we can even call it the pandemic situation anymore. The pandemic, to me, no longer seems to be the main issue. The division seems to have taken front seat.

So I am ready to comment on what is happening to our way of life. Friendships ruined. Divorce lawyers thriving. Good people making questionable decisions. And bad people… well, making even worse decisions. In our quest to be heard, to encourage change, to be brave we have lost something. Respect. And an open mind.

We are forgetting that every decision we make affects someone else. Maybe one person, maybe an entire neighborhood. Regardless of the number, chances are someone out there is reacting to our action. And although we may be acting out of valor, our action may be having a negative effect and we just aren’t seeing it.

Why? Here’s my thoughts.

We are assuming that the freedom we feel we are losing is the same freedom that our neighbor is losing. It isn’t. Our circumstances are not the same and we are not the same. We are all each and every one of us beautiful individuals that put value into our own individual freedoms. And just because one is more important to me does not mean it is equally important to you. It does not make me more than you and it does not make me less than you. But it does make us both human.

So weather you are honking a horn or safely staying in your home, you are fighting for a freedom that is important to you. Remember that. Stop judging. Stop trying to convince another to value your freedom over theirs. We have all lost something. ALL of us. Our ‘some’ things just happen to be different things.

We are all individually beautiful individuals. We are all important. Our freedoms are all important.

P.S. If you think I am supporting one side or the other with this post, please read it again and imagine yourself in the other category. Does the message stay the same? It is my intent that it does.


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