Imagination vacation.

“Some people see things as they are and say “Why?” I dream things that never were, and say “Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw

Imagine a life without imagination. Hmmmm…… wrap your head around that sucker for a minute. But stick with me.

We often talk about daydreamers as though they are flaky. Flighty. Head in the clouds kind of people. I am a daydreamer. Always have been. And yes, sometimes I get caught up in drifting off to another place or another time where maybe things turned out differently. A little mind vacation from everything that is going on around me.

No problem solving. No responsibilities. Just drift. Otherwise known as ‘la la land’.

But some days instead of ‘la la land’ that little mind vacation turns into a dream waiting to form. An idea taking shape. A life waiting to be lived.

Or in my case, a book waiting to be published. Some days my imagination goes to work for me and all sorts of things fall into place. A clear path develops. It doesn’t let you skip the work you need to put in… no no no… it’s not that easy. But it is exciting!

So give your mind a little break and your imagination a chance to explore. Stop stressing out about finding all the answers and solving all the problems. Just drift. Let your mind, heart and your soul wonder around for a bit. Take a whiff of this and a taste of that.

Some of it might be bitter and some of it might just downright stink. But what if some of it doesn’t? What if some of it wakes up your senses like nothing ever has. What if that imagination can become your reality?

After all, maybe your imagination is your true reality, not your escape. Give it a chance. Take an imagination vacation. See what happens.

Dream things that never were and say why not?


One thought on “Imagination vacation.

  1. Love this! I have found myself saying to my husband ‘breathe, just sit, calm your mind and just be here, right now’. It really is peaceful when you live in the moment without the mind chatter cluttering up our time.

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