Gratitude schmatitude.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for.”

William H Shedd

There has been a lot of positive meme’s and quotes and images out there over this past year. One of the most common that I have seen and read is to be grateful for what we have. Practice daily gratitude.

Be grateful we can still go out. Be grateful for your health. Be grateful for your loved ones and their health. Be grateful for your job, your home, your living situation…

Be grateful for what you have today.

Can I confess something? I am getting a little sick of being told to be grateful for what I have and can do today. I feel like I am being told, don’t rock the boat. Don’t push too hard. Let the universe provide.

Guess what… the universe does not provide unless you rock the damn boat. Just sayin.

I am grateful. I really am. And I do practice gratitude daily. I am not saying we shouldn’t so don’t get all huffy and puffy at me. All I am saying is, I won’t let it stop me from wanting more. I feel like all this hype about being grateful and practicing daily gratitude is just making me feel guilty and ungrateful for wanting more. Because I do want more. I will always want more.

What is wrong with that?

I work damn hard to have all the things I have to be grateful for. And I will work damn hard to have more. And I am not just talking about material things. I am talking about community, confidence, abilities, knowledge… Everything I have, I have earned.

The universe only provides if you get up and go out and grab it. Take risks. Be brave. And don’t just do this today. Do this every today. And don’t you dare ever feel guilty for it.

So namaste as much and as long as you want. I’m going to go out and look for more things to be grateful for. I’ll catch you later…


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