Half a century.

“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.”

Albert Einstein

It’s my birthday. But not just any birthday. Today, I am 50. Yup. The big 5… 0…

I am not afraid of that number. Quite the opposite. I am excited about it. I could not wait to turn 50 and now here I am. 50 glorious years old. 50 years wise. 50 years beautiful. 50 years strong.

The last half century has been filled with so many lessons. So many opportunities to learn. To grow. I have become this woman who can stand tall and look people in the eye with truth and confidence because I believe I have earned that right. Every day of the last 50 years has taught me something. Every day has created this person I have become. This person I am so proud of. Not just the good days but all the bad days too. The ups and the downs, the sideways and the loop-de-loops. All of them.

And now I have the next half of the century to look forward too. More learning, more growing, more living. What is tomorrow going to bring? And the next day? The next year, the next decade… I don’t believe in growing old. Neither mentally or physically. I don’t believe in slowing down. Or using the excuse “I am too old for this shit” (okay, yes I have said that in the past – mostly at the gym – but I didn’t really MEAN it). Some might say that I have earned the right to coast now. Coast for the next 50 years. That just sounds all kinds of boring. Long, dull and boring.

So what will I do for the next 50 years? Hmmm. I have some ideas. I have some plans. But the most exciting part of all is that… I don’t know. I really don’t. I can make all the plans in the world and one day life will just decide to present me with another option. Another plan. A better plan. And I will only notice it if I am still learning. Growing. Living. Not coasting. Never coasting. The better plan can only be seen if you have your eyes open and your mind and heart willing.

My eyes are open. My mind and heart are strong and willing. I am ready for the next 50 years.

What indeed will you bring me next my sweet life? What indeed…


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