The gathering.

“Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts.”

Wayne Huizenga

Happy Easter. Odd. Easter. For most, a gathering. A reason to get together and celebrate a holiday. Eat too much food. Drink too much spirits. Eat chocolate and/or candy until we feel ill. Any of the above or all of the above. But not this time. This time we are leaving at least one out. The gathering.

If you are with family on this day hopefully you can be grateful for it. But recognize no matter where you are today or who you are with, there are probably people missing that would normally be there. Be sad for that. But realize that we are all missing someone today. We are all sad and we will all get through it.

So. How do we get through this. Lets refer to my all time favorite coping mechanism. Laughter. Tell a story. Make up a story. Strip down to your birthday suit and dance around the living room. Okay that one is maybe not recommended if you are with others today. But if you feel like it and it will make you laugh – go for it. Just don’t get carried away and entertain the neighbors that way. We are all bored but let’s reign it in a little.

So reminisce. Like ‘Hey remember that Easter when Uncle Bill stripped down to his birthday suit and danced around the living room?” And we laughed and laughed…

I can go back to so many times with my family where tears flowed from laughter. Like this past February when we played a game at my mom’s birthday and my mom had to make a barking sound. I don’t know what came out but it was definitely not a bark. Sorry mom. I still have no idea what that noise was but we laughed. We laughed until we cried. It is usually my mom that laughs herself to tears first and I love that about her. I am smiling right now. See how easy that was?

So what is your story? I would love for you to post it here. Share it with all of us. Make us laugh. Or just call someone and share it. Whatever. But do it. The world needs to laugh. Oh but please don’t tell the story about Uncle Bill. I already told that one.


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