Fat, drunk, and broke.

Don’t let people make you feel guilty when you are the only one following all of the rules.”

G.R. Smith

A few weeks ago, I double-booked myself. I had to make a choice of which date to keep and which one to disappoint. It was a difficult choice as both dates were with friends I enjoyed spending time with. But the truth was, there was one that I would have preferred. Yet, I chose the other one.

One of the friends I canceled on questioned my choice and asked why I would not do what I wanted to do? Was I feeling obligated to the other person, and why? Was it guilt?

I had made the chosen date first, so I did feel obligated. And I also felt some guilt because I had not been spending as much time with this person lately. So, I chose it because I thought it was the right thing to do.

In a perfect world, we always do what we want with no apologies or regrets. I think we should all live our lives this way. But it is not a perfect world. The hard truth is that doing what we want to do all the time is not always reality. Not always practical. And that is okay. If I did what I wanted to do all the time, well… Like the catchy title, I would be fat, drunk, and broke.

I can’t eat a chocolate cake every day like I would like to. I can’t drink a bottle of my favorite wine every night like I would like to. I can’t go on a vacation or buy a new Gucci bag every month. None of those things are practical or healthy for me. And sometimes, making the right choice can be hard, but doing the right thing always benefits someone, including me.

I had a great time on that chosen date with that fantastic friend I don’t spend enough time with anymore. And I didn’t feel guilty for making it. So I guess I did end up doing what I wanted to do. No guilt. No obligation. Just happy because it was right.

So go babysit your grandkids because it is the right thing to do. Go to the gym because it is the right thing to do. Cancel lunch because it is the right thing to do. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel obligated. And… (this is important)… don’t let others put those feelings in your head. Feel proud because you rocked that choice.


Healthy, sober, and not rich, but not broke either 🙂


One thought on “Fat, drunk, and broke.

  1. That says a lot of good things about you. The friend that guilted you. Maybe more fun but would they have bailed on you if they had an invitation to something else a bit more fun. Just say’n

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