My biggest competitor.

“Competition is healthy. It makes you work harder and strive for more and try to find that extra one or two percent in your game that you could possibly improve.”

Bernhard Langer

Do you compare yourself to others? I do. And when I feel I fall short of someone else in whatever it is they are superior to me, I focus on having what they have. And if or when I do (mostly if), I find someone else to compare myself to. It’s a never-ending battle that I mostly lose.

So why do I do this? Why do I always want Beth’s house or Matt’s car? Why do I want my butt to look as good as Jen’s? Or my waist to be as skinny as Kate’s? Does this sound familiar? (these are fictional people, so, no… I am not talking about you).

I am asking myself today: Why do we always want what everyone else has? Why are we constantly comparing ourselves to others and not just focusing on what we need today? Let me tell you, it is a race without a finish line.

Instead of looking at others, I am trying to look at myself. Not today, but yesterday. And that is the new measuring stick I am trying to use. Am I better today than I was yesterday? Did I screw something up yesterday and do a better job of it today? Maybe I gorged myself on buttered popcorn or drank too much wine yesterday, and I am not proud of it. Perhaps yesterday was not a productive day because I was just too damn lazy to think of new ways to market my business. Maybe I just wasn’t my best self.

But today is a new day.

Today I am going to try to do one thing better. Because yesterday’s me can always find something to improve upon. One thing I can do better. And if yesterday was a great day, I can just try to repeat it and practice consistency. A consistent day of, a good day, is still a better day.

So who cares if someone has fancier things or better hair or whatever… Big whoop. This competition has only one runner in the race. Me. No one else is trying to get ahead in my lane. Hell… they are not even running on my track.

So today, I will run for me because this race is only about me and I get to choose my pace. I get to control my progress and kick ass. Or not, and lace up again tomorrow.

Either way, I win.


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