Gravel roads and potholes.

“Life is like a highway, no matter what they say, the construction is never finished. There’s always gonna be bumps in the road and detours every now and then.”

Nishan Panwar

Do you ever feel like sometimes the path you chose is always the rougher one? The unpaved, rocky one? I do.

This is not self-pitying or a hard-knock life; woe is me post. I just somedays wonder why everything has to be complicated. Every time I think I finally get to coast for a little bit, I hit a pothole. Ugh. I’m not going to lie. Somedays, I think my shocks are wearing out.

But I persevere because what choice do I have? True, I could kick and scream or pound my fists. Or both. Lie down on the ground and cry like I am sure I used to do as a toddler. And possibly the odd time when I was a teenager. I’m not proud of that but hey… I was a teenager.

But now, I am a grown up. Whether I like it or not. And with maturity comes the responsibility to push forward and face the challenges that come our way. Deal with it. And find a way to smile through it. And if we really try, we can not only smile through it but laugh and learn and pat ourselves on the back through it.

But it makes me wonder. What if some of us were just built to hit the potholes and some of us were built to swerve around them? I mean, think about it. If we all managed to swerve around them, no one would know they are there. And then no one would flag them or fix them.

Everything happens for a reason. There is something to that. I believe in it even though admittedly I often struggle to figure out what that reason is. Like why do children have to suffer? Or any good person for that matter? Why do we lose loved ones in tragic and sudden accidents? Or watch loved ones suffer through a terminal disease? I will never know the answer to this and neither will you. But I do wonder if sometimes we are dealt challenges only we can handle. Or to teach us a lesson. Or to push us into being a leader for someone who is struggling to deal with their own battle. These are all valid points that are worth considering. And somehow considering them makes me feel a little better about this damn gravel road I can’t get off of.

So maybe I was meant to hit the potholes. Maybe I was meant to replace my shocks regularly. Someone has too. Why not me? I am under construction so why shouldn’t the road I’m traveling be as well.

I guess I should start investing in caution signs! 🙂


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