Why wouldn’t a guy.

“Don’t look back and ask, why? Look ahead and ask, why not?

Neil Patel

There is a saying in my family… it started with a podcast called the Monday Nooner that my brother-in-law listens to. In the podcast they consistently ask the question ‘why wouldn’t a guy (or girl to be politically correct and all)?’ And so we have adopted this saying. After all, why wouldn’t a guy?

It is a great question. One I try to live by. Instead of always asking the question why would I… ask why wouldn’t I? Try it. Practice it. It will give you a complete change of attitude I promise.

We consistently try to fit ourselves into these boxes that social norms tell us we need to fit into. We carry burdens and weights that stress us out and leave us feeling empty. Depleted. Tired. But we keep trying to make it work. Constantly sacrificing our own needs for those of others. Doing what everyone else expects us to do. And why?

Well why indeed. Who is forcing you? Who is making your rules. Who is the boss of you?

It’s not that simple. Yes I know. And your right, it’s not. We have children to take care of. Bills to pay. Responsibilities. We are needed in 17 different directions at 17 different times of the day.

But is that really necessary?

Here’s a little exercise. Each time you ‘have’ to do something, ask yourself why. There is no wrong answer to this question. It is just simply being truthful and honest with yourself. Just yourself. No one else. It’s just you. So ask and answer but be real.

Let’s use a simple example… Why can’t you go for lunch with a friend when you know you should be cleaning up the yard? What will the neighbors think if the yard is messy for one more day? One more week? And how much do you really care what the neighbors think?

And if you answer this honestly and your answer is that you care more about what the neighbors think than having lunch with that friend… well, that’s okay too. Clean up the yard and good for you. But if you really would rather go for lunch… then go. Be the boss of you and your own thoughts. Make your own choices. Control your own actions. Enjoy your life on your terms and not anyone else’s.

Now take it a step further. Challenge yourself. Take a risk. Step out of that box and give something new a try. Stop doing what everyone else wants you, expects you, to do and start asking yourself…

Why wouldn’t a guy?

P.S. Thanks for inspiring this Les. I know you have been waiting to be in one of my blogs… now you are. I wrote it for you because, well… why wouldn’t a guy 🙂

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