Doing the hard things. Part 1.

“If we always choose comfort, we will never learn the deepest capabilities of our mind or body.”

Wim Hof

Guess what I am doing today. Waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone. Yup. I am walking into a lake. In November. I am doing this. The polar dip.

Let me walk you through my day so far. It started out sleepy as I was up for 2 hours last night obsessing about my commitment to my friend to do this crazy thing.

Ok wait. Let’s back up a bit. I had heard about cold water therapy and Wim Hof (look him up, he’s amazing!) for about a year now. No big deal. Then someone else recently reminded me of him and his amazing teachings. Getting closer. Then a friend who I admire greatly and would blindly trust with my life asked me if I would do a polar dip with her. I said no. She said it was all she wanted for her birthday. Fuck. I committed.

So back to today. Sleepy but trying to stay calm. Keeping focused. Writing as it is my meditation. Focus. Focus. Focus. Doing a bit of research on breathing. Good. Feeling good. I can do this. I can do hard things.

In my mind I am picturing myself walking towards the water. Calmly but not too slow. Steady and strong. Determined and focused. After all this is only temporary state. And that is my key. This is temporary. Isn’t everything really? It can all be temporary if you choose to let it go. Pain can be temporary. Stress can be temporary. Even laughter is temporary. And cold… Cold is temporary.

Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.

Here I go.


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