Book 2, Chapter 1.

I have been challenged to write a new story.  To close the cover on the old one.  I have embraced the first book.  Book 1.  I have held it close and I have kept it warm.  I have loved it.  And now it is time to free it.  I am not sure if I can do this.  That book defined me.  That book created me.  If I let it go, then what do I have left to keep me feeling tethered to the ground.  It is all I know.  In this journey with so many unknowns, how do I let go of the one thing I know most intimately.  Cover to cover.  How do I cut that tether and risk floating without a safety line.  Floating, testing gravity.  Freely drifting.  Freely rising.  Letting the wind take me to new places. 

I will continue to refer to that first book.  It is reaching people and that is the point of this.  I will continue to try to reach people to share that first book.  But reader, you too will one day need to write a new story.

Chapter 1.

I am standing in a field.  I am looking up with my face turned towards the sun.  The sun feels warm.  It feels comforting.  I smile.  I take a deep breath.  I look down to the ground to see where my feet are connected to the ground.  But I can’t see my feet.  I notice my feet are encased in a box.  At least it looks like a box.  Upon closer inspection, I see that it is not a box after all but a book.  A very heavy book.  A beautiful book with a lovely leather cover.  But it is heavy and I cannot move.  I want to explore this field, this meadow filled with flowers.  But the book is keeping me in place.  I reach down again and I lift the cover of the book.  As I lift the cover, my feet start to lift.  The weight of the book can no longer hold me down.  I begin to float.  I being to drift.  I reach out and feel the wind breathing softly on the palms of my hands.  I smell the flowers in the meadow.  So much stronger as the distance between me and the ground, the book, increases.  I look up again and I notice how blue the sky is getting.  Brighter.  Intensely, gloriously blue.  The wind lifts my hair.  Making me feel lighter with each touch.  I lift my face again to the sun.  I feel the warmth.  I smile. 

Chapter 1.


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